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What is Objective Cloud?

Blockchain is disrupting, and will ultimately transform how businesses and governments work. This will have huge implications for everything from financial services, law, trade, and trust to technology firms, which have been organizing everything from how we place an order on Amazon to how we vote in elections. ObjectiveCloud (short for Objective information from the Cloud) is preparing business leaders to understand this new and transformative digital medium where anyone can access anything of value — stocks, bonds, money, digital property, titles, deeds — and even things like identity and votes can be moved, stored and managed securely and privately. Our firm works with companies seeking to implement blockchain-based systems, successful blockchain based projects looking for partners to help them implement their new technology and system integrators who need experienced blockchain experts. We deliver value to our clients through our blockchain research lab, advisory services, consulting and reports (and yes, we do accept cryptocurrency).


Cloud Labs


Advisory Services


Blockchain Consulting




Cloud Labs

Objective Cloud Labs will conduct research into new ways to solve practical business problems using blockchain and then use them ourselves. Our first project is to implement a blockchain based incentive program described in the Using Blockchain to Build a Culture of Profitability paper. Other projects on our agenda include using airdrops to distribute research, tokenize job openings, and apply game theory to treasury management. Should any of these projects warrant it, we intend to spin them out of the lab. 

Objective Cloud Crowdsale

This token will appeal to current Ethereum owners who wish to protect their wealth by diversification, to consultants and the owners of consulting companies who want to better understand the impact blockchain will have on their businesses, and to the management of successful projects seeking to build business ecosystems around their technology.

The funds gathered will be used to create an integrated research lab, advisory services and a consulting business dedicated to using blockchain to solve practical business problems.

While our ambitions are grand, our ask is modest. Our belief is that new ventures can suffer from too much capital as well as too little. With this in mind, Objective Cloud seeks to raise a minimum of 2,000 Ethereum. If the minimum is not reached, the funds will be returned to participants. The ICO will also halt once a maximum is reached.

A maximum total of 1.2 million ERC20 tokens will be issued at a price of .015 Ethereum.


Benefits to Token Ownership

  • Return of Profits

  • Some Profits Returned in the Form of Other Tokens In Up And Coming Projects

  • Complementary Content and Training

  • Employment Preference

  • Alternative Ways to Earn Tokens than Mining



Even though Objective Cloud has strong management experience, a good business strategy, and a proven execution timeline, there are no guarantees. New ventures are inherently risky. Participants should not contribute more funds than they are prepared to lose.

Token Allocation

Fund Usage

projected SUm of total revenue (Millions)

pREsale begins in JANUARY

The Team

The Objective Cloud Labs management team have previously held senior roles in companies like Bain & Company, IBM, Coca-Cola, CSC, Hitachi Consulting, Accenture, Inforte and Northrop Grumman. They have founded, or co-founded many different businesses from scratch including a $30 million consultancy, a financial advisory firm, an events business, and a media firm.


Bruce Daley

In course of his career, Bruce has taken many companies from idea to profitability including a consultancy, a financial advisory firm, an events business, and a publishing firm. In addition to starting six businesses he has worked at Bain & Company.  Bruce is a recognized thought leader and has been quoted in the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal. Bruce will be responsible for the advisory services part of the business.


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Brian Self

With over 15 years of experience doing security assessments and reviews, establishing, monitoring controls and minimizing risk to assets, Brian has worked in information security and privacy for companies like Northrop Grumman.   Brian will be responsible for security.



John Maring

An experienced management consultant and professional services executive, John was an Executive Vice President and Board Member of Hitachi Consulting. He has sold and implemented numerous operational efficiency solutions to global 500 clients in the US, Europe, and Asia. He has deep experience standing up and operating net new business units, and growing businesses from $10m to $100m.



Dave Sutton

Dave is the former CEO and President of a publicly-traded sales and marketing technology consulting business. Beginning his career at Booz-Allen and CSC Index he worked directly with some of the most important thought leaders in business. He has written a best-selling book on Marketing and will be responsible for Marketing.


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Our Advisors

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Carl Kalin

A graduate of MIT, Carl trained as an Electrical Engineer, but found his true calling in Sales and Marketing. He concentrates his efforts in growth strategy and launch execution and has co-founded several companies.



Eric Steege

Eric has devoted his entire career to building consulting organizations. He successfully grew one company he founded from inception to 130 employees and $25 million in revenue. He has decades long operating experience managing consulting organizations.



Christopher Spivey

An international CPA, Chris began his career at Coca-Cola.  He has since served in many different roles in Finance and is currently an acting CFO. He has also advised businesses in the Baltic states of the former Soviet Union.


terry mcnicholas.jpg

Terry McNicholas

As both an executive and project manager, Terry has been responsible for the sales, management, and delivery of professional services in the US, Europe, and Asia. With extensive experience in implementing both CRM and ERP, Terry has brought numerous complex projects to fruition.